Digital CD and DVD Products
06/28/2017 00:03:43
Digital CD and DVD Products

Digitally Printed CD / DVD Inserts / Covers

Showcase your products, services, music, movies and more with our new short run digitally printed CD / DVD inserts and covers.



Personalize your audio and video productions today.
Choose from multiple size options to meet your specific needs. Take advantage of this growing trend in your local market today!

Please note: Due to the nature of toner (toner is applied to the surface of the paper, as opposed to offset printing where the ink is absorbed by the paper), images or areas of solid color that run over any folds will crack.

Quantities from 50 - 5,000 pieces!

Product Standards

  • Standard Sizes include 4.75". x 4.75"., 4.75". x 9.5"., 4.75". x 14.25"., 4.75". x 19"., 5.9375". x 4.625". and 7.25". x 10.75".
  • Stock/Substrate available is 100 lb. Gloss Book only
  • Select 4/4 (full color front, blank back) on all sizes accept 5.9375". x 4.625". and 7.25". x 10.75". which are printed 4/0 (full color front, blank back) only
  • Perforations - CD Tray Perforation on 5.9375". x 4.625". only
  • Aqueous Gloss Coating standard on front and back (4/4) and front only (4/0).

Product Options

  • Folding Options - Choose flat (standard) or folded with the following folding option: Note: 4.75". x 4.75"., 5.9375". x 4.625". and 7.25". x 10.75". are produced flat only.
  • Bi-fold
  • Shrink Wrapping - Shrink wrap in 25, 50 or 100 piece bundles for easily measured distribution, moisture protection and protection from dog eared corners while in storage, brief cases, car trunks or when mailed.
  • Samples - Drop ship samples to yourself or to a customer principal if needed.
  • Save Files - Save your art files in our system for easy re-order of common print pieces ordered frequently, saves time and adds accessibility of files for re-orders from any computer

Production Features

  • Turnaround Time - Standard 2 - 3 days
  •  Proofing Options - Choose a PDF online proof or, if you're 100% confident in your existing art files being "Print Ready", you can select "No Proof-Proceed As Is" for quicker production turnaround time.

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Product Overview

Digital CD and DVD Products 4/4 4.75" x 4.75" 100 lb. Gloss Book

Quantity: 25
Product Price16.99
NO COATING - Front and Back0.00
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PDF Proof5.00
Total Price$21.99